Mèlos - MM phono stage

Mèlos comes from Greek and it means song. tune

Mèlos is the new Audiozen MM phono stage, equipped with two NOS tubes.

Melos 1Mèlos has the same basic circuit of Euphono without MC stage.

Mèlos is the classic tube phono stage: it is well-known that tubes are incomparable in many ways to solid state in the preamplifier sections, their analogic warmth nuances give to LPs the right chance for a better playing.

A pair of NOS 12AT7 (ECC81) amplify the signal of the MM cartridge.

Melos RearThe excellent passive RIAA network, calculated according to the Audio Engineering Society parameters, it's the result of theoretical calculations and laboratory tests: it exceeds the specifications at all frequencies.

Mèlos is equipped with Mundorf fine polypropylene capacitors in the audio signal path.

Euphono Melos PSU InMèlos is equipped with a dedicated separate power supply unit which includes two oversized toroidal transformers, the first is used for the tube filaments supply, the second, connected in series to have a complete galvanic separation, generates the anodic voltage: this configuration can be used when the needed current is quite low and it has the advantage of drastically reducing the ripple.

All these features made Mèlos the definitive MM phono preamplifier even for the more demanding audio enthusiasts.

Melos In




MM tube phono preamplifier

MM input impedance

47000 Ω /100 pF

output impedance

< 10 KΩ

RIAA network

passive calculated following Audio Engineering Society parameters

MM stage gain

40 dB

NOS tubes

2 x 12AT7 (ECC81)

main unit dimensions

340 x 95 x 245 mm (W x H x D)

main unit weight

3,3 Kg

PSU dimensions

240 x 95 x 295 mm (W x H x D)

PSU weight

3,6 Kg.