Lysios - Si-C mosfets stereo power amp

Dionysos Lysios was the Light Aspect of the God in a complementary dyad with Dionysos Bakcheios as the Dark Aspect

lysios1Lysios is an epithet of the greek god Dionysus and it means "liberator".

Audiozen Lysios is a power amplifier conceived and projected just to let free the musical event, to allow you to enjoy it in every possible moment.

The power amplifier is the "connecting link" between the preamplifier and the loudspeakers and it mistakenly seems to be the least important part of an Hi-Fi system, just because it simply has to apply power to the terminals of the transducers.

For Audiozen it is not so. We approached to the Lysios project thinking to a different power amplifier, with great current capability but with the peculiarity of giving the perception of true realism, emphasizing the character of the upstream components. We developed the Lysios project in our laboratories and the result is a power amplifier with great dynamicness and transparency.

lysios openlysios a psuFor the first version of Lysios (2016-2018) we equipped the power stage with IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor), a semiconductor that combines both the high input impedance of the mosfet - making easier its driving - and the better current capability of the transistor.

But our efforts to bring innovation in Hi-Fi world made Audiozen the first to design a power stage using the new Silicon Carbide (Si-C) Mosfets.

Silicon carbide is a material composed of carbon and silicon and the devices designed with this semiconductor stand out for:

- remarkable speed qualities (a Si-C mosfet is about 3 times faster than a silicon mosfet);

- minimal input and output capacities (even 10 times lower than a conventional mosfet), an excellent feature that allows the audio signal not to be "colored", restoring realism to the event;

- high thermal conductivity, 3 times greater than silicon, synonymous with reliability for the lower cooling requirements.

These excellent peculiarities are combined with the classic "warmth" of the mosfet, here even more for intrinsic constructive properties, realizing what can therefore be considered the ideal component for music reproduction.

At first we developed the Si-C Mosfets power stage for our Mono, the zen moanural power amplifier, but the sonic result was so impressive that we decided to use Si-C Mosfets also on Lysios, replacing IGBTs.

We redesigned a quasi-complementary symmetry Si-C Mosfets (4 x channel) power stage, polarized in AB class; this masterly project is enriched with a Baxandall diode, which eliminates the local Miller effect, obtaining an excellent linearity at high frequencies.

For the best listening experience the separate power supply unit is equipped with a toroidal transformer for each channel with an energy reserve provided by low ESR filter capacitors. Lysios is fully dual mono.lysios b1

All transistors are made by On Semiconductor, one of the best world company in audio semiconductors.

Audiozen is among the very few manufacturers in the world to use metal film power resistors, not the cheaper ceramic.

Lysios is equipped with binding posts that accept banana plugs, spades lugs and bare wire.

RCA connectors are made by one of the finest connectors manufacturer worldwide.

lysios psu

The cabinet is entirely made in aluminum..

By turning to "On" the aluminum knob located in the front panel, the professional relay, located in the separate PSU, will switch on the power amplifier.

Lysios is handcrafted in Italy choosing the best available components; our Lysios and Insight preamplifier form a pair that combines the peculiarities of tube preamp and the new frontiers of solid state output stage.






dual mono power amplifer

output power @ 8 Ω - 4 Ω

150 - 300 watts per channel



frequency response

5 - 150.000 Hz +/- 3 dB

sensitivity/input impedance

1,1 volt/12 KΩ

signal-to-noise ratio

 125 dB

available finishes

silver (black upon request)

main unit dimensions

340 x 135 x 315 mm (WxHxD)

main unit weight

6 Kg

PSU dimensions

340 x 95 x 295 mm (WxHxD)

PSU weight

13 Kg.