Insight - tube preamp with ICCF

A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

insight1Every evolutionary path is marked by milestones, they are growing stages of awareness, evoking acquired skills, intrinsic passion, human approach, but above all they testify the insight.

Audiozen represents for its founder and the team a workshop of ideas, of insights, where they can be able to forge them to create new milestones: the renewed Zen Range is the last evidence of that skill.

Insight is often transcendent, it is a particular or a set of notes that become metal, heat, silicon, glass, sound.

But there will never be an insight without the spark of passion.

Insight is therefore passion, is a milestone, is transcendent, is awareness, is sound, just the sound of the Audiozen preamplifier that witnesses all of this.

Insight, like all Zen Range products, has a separate power supply unit (PSU).insight psu

Insight is a tube preamplifier: one PC88 and one PCC189 for every channel. All tubes strictly NOS.

On rear panel four high impedance unbalanced inputs, two unbalanced outputs and a 30 Amps power supply connector with golden pins.

Insight is equipped with excellent RCA connectors.

On the audio signal path there are fine Mundorf MCap EVO Aluminium Oil polypropylene capacitors.

insight rearVolume control is handled by a fine motorized ALPS potentiometer, connected to a remote control circuit.

Audio signal is preamplified by the input triode and then it arrives to the ICCF output stage.

ICCF (Improved Cascode Cathode Follower) is the tube configuration developed in the Audiozen laboratories.

Insight PSU is equipped with four toroidal transformers: two toroidal transformers per channel, connected in series in pairs to create a double galvanic isolation from the mains to the anode voltage.

Insight is fully Dual Mono.

insight and psuPower supply stages are equipped with low drop-out high efficiency new integrated circuits, and with polypropylene bypass capacitors.

The front panel of the Insight has a modern and elegant design, it features aluminum knobs machined from solid.

Volume remote control is made by Doro, a swedish multinational company leader in technological accessories. The remote control has five more functions easily programmable by the user.

Insight delivers a level of resolution, refinement and control that improves dramatically in every sense the listening experience.







dual mono tube preamplifier

NOS tubes

2 x PC88 - 2 x PCC189

input impedance

100 KΩ

output impedance

< 400 Ω

signal-to-noise ratio

98 dB

unbalanced inputs


unbalanced outputs



18 dB

output polarity


available finishes

silver and black

main unit dimensions

340 x 135 x 245 mm (W x H x D)

main unit weight

3,9 Kg

PSU dimensions

340 x 95 x 245 mm (W x H x D)

PSU weight

6 Kg.