Euphono - MC/MM phono stage

Euphono is the Audiozen zen tube phono preamplifier for MC (Moving Coil) and MM (Moving Magnet) cartridges

Euphono is equipped with three NOS tubes and two FETs to ensure the best performances with both types of cartridges.

Euphono FrontEuphono includes the minimalism of Audiozen philosophy along with sophisticated circuit solutions: the input tube, an ECC81 (12AT7), polarized with a "cascode" circuit developed by Audiozen, directly amplifies the signal of MM cartridge or, by a FET placed on its cathode, brilliantly manages the low output of an MC cartridge.

The FET, compared to an additional tube, ensures lower noise and a very high input impedance: this configuration doesn't alter the small audio signal and, furthermore, cancels the Miller effect, which would be detrimental to the frequency response; this ensures that it is always the tube to pre-amplify, the FET just "helps" the tube in its work.

The FETs for the two channels are "matched", so they have identical electrical characteristics.

Euphono RearThe excellent passive RIAA network, calculated according to the Audio Engineering Society parameters, it's the result of theoretical calculations and laboratory tests: it exceeds the specifications at all frequencies.

The elegant aluminum knob located on the front panel of the unit acts the MC/MM cartridge type selector.

Euphono is equipped with Mundorf fine polypropylene capacitors in the audio signal path.

Euphono PSU1Euphono is equipped with a separate power supply unit which includes two toroidal transformers, the first is used for the tube filaments supply, the second, connected in series to have a complete galvanic separation, generates the anodic voltage: this configuration can be used when the needed current is quite low and it has the advantage of drastically reducing the ripple.

All these features made Euphono the definitive MC/MM phono preamplifier even for the more demanding audio enthusiasts.

euphono pcb




MC/MM tube phono preamplifier

MC input impedance

manageable trough “MC LOAD” RCA inputs

MM input impedance

47000 Ω /100 pF

output impedance

< 600 Ω

RIAA network

passive calculated following Audio Engineering Society parameters

MC stage gain

57 dB

MM stage gain

40 dB

NOS tubes

1 x ECC81; 1 x ECC83; 1 x ECC82

main unit dimensions

340 x 135 x 245 mm (W x H x D)

main unit weight

3,5 Kg

PSU dimensions

240 x 95 x 295 mm (W x H x D)

PSU weight

3,6 Kg.