Alchemy - hybrid integrated amp

Alchemy is one of the best sounding integrated amplifier on the audio market worldwide

Alchemy2Alchemy is the integrated amplifier according to Audiozen:

  1. Input stage equipped with NOS tubes;
  2. High current transistors in the power section;
  3. Separate Power Supply Unit;
  4. Mundorf polypropylene capacitors for an optimal decoupling of the audio signal.

Alchemy psuAlchemy is one of the few.

One of the few with a pair of NOS matched tubes in the preamplifier section.

One of the few with the preamplifier section phisically and electrically separated from the power amplifier circuitry.

One of the few with separated power supply sections, equipped with three Alchemy rearoversized toroidal transformers.

One of the few with a separate Power Supply Unit.

One of the few with the stand-by circuit that keeps tubes in pre-heating mode, Alchemy psu inand, by turning to "On" the knob located in the front panel, the professional relay, located in the separate PSU, will turn on the power amplifier.

One of the few equipped with binding posts that accept banana plugs, spades lugs and bare wire.

Alchemy volume control is handled by a fine motorized ALPS potentiometer; connected to a remote control circuit.

The remote control is produced by Doro, Swedish multinational company leader in technological accessories.Alchemy in

All these main features, together with our continuous commitment for the top sonic performance, made Alchemy one of the best sounding integrated amplifier on the audio market worldwide.

Alchemy is our bestseller product.

Alchemy has been reviewed on September 2018 by John Scott at Hi-Fi Pig and it deserved the Hi-Fi Pig Highly Recommended logo. Complete review is here.



alchemy setup




hybrid integrated amplifier with separate PSU

output power @ 8 Ω

90 W per channel

output power @ 4 Ω

170 W per channel



frequency response

5 - 100.000 Hz +/- 3dB

sensitivity/input impedance

180 mV/100 KΩ

signal-to-noise ratio

98 dB

NOS tubes

2 x E88CC (PCC189)

unbalanced inputs


available finishes

silver and black

main unit dimensions

340 x 135 x 295 mm (W x H x D)

main unit weight

4,8 Kg

PSU dimensions

340 x 95 x 245 mm (W x H x D)

PSU weight

7,9 Kg