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If you are here maybe it didn't happen by chance...

Audiozen is looking for International Distributors. If You could be interested to distribute in your Country an Italian brand that manufactures Hi-Fi products with an amazing value for money please contact us.

We will be pleased to answer to your kind request.

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Why people trust Audiozen

  • My new Audiozen Alchemy is a world class integrated amp and I can tell that in the first 2 days of having it. Outstanding by every measure! - Todd from USA
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Because Audiozen

We work for the best performances. Worldwide.

  • Audio & Art Show, Taiwan

    Audio & Art Show, Taiwan

    November 2017 - Audiozen Lysios at the Taiwan Audio & Art Show
  • Hi-Fi Show in Taipei, Taiwan

    Hi-Fi Show in Taipei, Taiwan

    August 2017 - Audiozen Alchemy at the Hi-Fi Show in Taipei, Taiwan
  • Hi-End Audio Show, Kaohsiung

    Hi-End Audio Show, Kaohsiung

    April 2017 - Audiozen Alchemy at the Kaohsiung International Hi-End Audio Show, Taiwan
  • Scalford Hi-Fi Show, England

    Scalford Hi-Fi Show, England

    March 2017 - Audiozen Alchemy at The Scalford HiFi Show, England
  • Lysios in Russia

    Lysios in Russia

    December 2016 - The first Audiozen Lysios arrived in Moscow, Russia
  • Apulia Hi-Fi Show

    Apulia Hi-Fi Show

    December 2017 - Audiozen Zen Range at the Apulia Hi-Fi Show, Italy
  • Audiozen new logo

    Audiozen new logo

    September 2017 - A new logo for Audiozen
  • Alchemy & B&W 803

    Alchemy & B&W 803

    December 2015 - Audiozen Alchemy driving B&W 803 loudspeakers, Italy

The Audiozen legacy