The Audiozen legacy

Founded in 2008, Audiozen is known for offering products projected and handcrafted in Italy at an amazing value for money.

2008 - 2018

We sharing our legacy

Audiozen first ten years, moments filled with passion, choices and know-how. There's something of all that in everything that we made: you can feel it when you listen to an Audiozen product.

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  • 2008 - Audiozen Yantra

    Yantra bookshelf loudspeaker was the first product made by Audiozen. Yantra received the best italian loudspeaker award by the italian Fedeltà del Suono magazine.

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  • 2009 - Audiozen Mantra

    Mantra was the first electronic product made by Audiozen. Mantra was an MM solid state phono stage equipped with FETs and Jantzen polypropylene capacitors.

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  • 2011 - Audiozen Piepari

    Piepari: Audiozen first dual mono solid state line preamplifier. Piepari was equipped with FETs and was the first Audiozen product with a dedicated power suppy unit.

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  • 2012 - Audiozen maQam

    maQam, translated to "stations" in Arabic, emphasizes that the models that we realize are just points of arrival and starting points along the path of the future development.

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  • 2013 - Audiozen Victor

    Victor was the first dual mono power amplifier handcrafted by Audiozen. Victor was equipped with bipolar transistors and toroidal transformers.

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  • 2013 - Hi(dden)-Fi line

    A small revolution in the Hi-Fi world: tiny components with great Hi-Fi features. A DAC, a preamplifier and a power amplifier. Hi(dden)-Fi: size matters, less...

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  • 2014 - Audiozen Lustro

    Lustro was the first Audiozen dual mono line preamplifier equipped with a pair of NOS tubes. In the same period Noah was the power amplifier on our catalogue.

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  • 2016 - Audiozen Quattro

    Quattro in Italian means four, because of the four NOS tubes and of the four toroidal transformers. Quattro is also the fourth line preamplifier projected by Audiozen.

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  • 2018 - Time for new standards

    New logo, new choices like equipping Lysios power amplifier with new IGBTs, new standards like our new oversized PCBs. Listen to Audiozen, let your ears be your guide.

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Audiozen is real manufacturing

Every assembly step of our Hi-Fi products is taken in the better way to make them yours

Audiozen main features

The team behind the scenes at Audiozen possesses the desire to achieve the finest quality standards.
  • Separate PSU on all models
  • NOS tubes
  • Mundorf capacitors on audio signal path
  • ALPS potentiometers
  • Oversized PCBs
  • Handcrafted in Italy
  • 3 years warranty
  • Full support
  • Products shipped into wooden crates
  • Audiozen supports Real Stereo
  • IGBTs on Lysios
  • ICCF circuit on Insight and Aedo
  • Separate pre/power supply stages on Alchemy
  • Euphono originally designed MC stage
  • DTAM on Positrone