About Audiozen

Our passion, combined with a remarkable technological know-how, is the main engine of the continuous research for the listening enjoyment of audio lovers all over the world


Audiozen is "Let your ears be your guide": this slogan is the concept behind it, recalls the idea of harmony, linearity, the opportunity to reach precisely the "zen" (extremely dynamic, germinal state of all things, the condition of every possibility), at least with hearing.

Audiozen is research without too much cultural constraints and therefore not simple intuition, but a sudden and profound experience that leads to the "vision of the heart of things".

For Audiozen dynamism is a main feature: our products are proudly projected and manufactured in Italy at an amazing value for money.

Audiozen goal is manufacturing products that can arouse emotions in the listener, our greatest satisfaction is to be able to reproduce the musical event in the most realistic way.

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Audiozen main features

The team behind the scenes at Audiozen possesses the desire to achieve the finest quality standards.
  • Separate PSU on all models
  • NOS tubes
  • Mundorf capacitors on audio signal path
  • ALPS potentiometers
  • Oversized PCBs
  • Handcrafted in Italy
  • 3 years warranty
  • Full support
  • Products shipped into wooden crates
  • Audiozen supports Real Stereo
  • IGBTs on Lysios
  • ICCF circuit on Insight and Aedo
  • Separate pre/power supply stages on Alchemy
  • Euphono originally designed MC stage
  • DTAM on Positrone

Audiozen team

A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other

Antonino Pistone
Antonino Pistone
Founder & business owner
Cecilia Raciti
Cecilia Raciti
Chief accountant
Iris Pagano
Iris Pagano
Sales executive
Alessandro Coletta
Alessandro Coletta
Design & media mktg specialist
Giuseppe Trovato
Giuseppe Trovato
Technical assistant
Gaetano Raciti
Gaetano Raciti
Audiozen photographer