Audiozen Neuphono & Mantra 2.2

April 2020 – Audiozen Neuphono & Mantra 2.2

Audiozen renews the line of phono stages with a new nice pair:

  • Neuphono, totally redesigned product and equipped with selected FETs and with a nice pair of NOS vacuum tubes, for MC and MM cartridges;
  • Mantra 2.2, updated version of the first phono stage (Mantra) presented by Audiozen in 2009. The Mantra 2.2 is a solid state (FET – field effect transistor) phono preamplifier for MM cartridges.

Both Neuphono and Mantra 2.2 are equipped with a separate power supply unit.

Audiozen Golia - AC balanced crossover

December 2019 – Audiozen Golia 1000

Golia 1000 is the first made in Italy balanced power supply crossover. Audiozen take into great consideration the “way” in which an high fidelity system is powered, that’s why has been projected and assembled the best device for powering an high-end system, the Golia 1000.

Audiozen Lysios - Finale di potenza dual mono

May 2019 - Audiozen Lysios adopts Si-C Mosfets

Audiozen developed the Si-C Mosfets power stage for the new Mono monaural power amplifier, but the sonic result was so impressive that has been decided to use Si-C Mosfets also on Lysios, replacing IGBTs.