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April 2019 - Audiozen Mono

Mono is the first amplifier in the world equipped with Si-C (silicon carbide) mosfets, a new device with excellent peculiarities, realizing what can be considered the ideal component for music reproduction. 8x Si-C power mosfets, 200 Watts @ 8 Ohm - 400 Watts @ 4 Ohms and 625 VA toroidal transformer are the first details of this world class product.

Tubes, transitors, mosfets? Si-C mosfets!

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March 2018 - Audiozen Lysios my 2018

Audiozen Lysios PSU now has the same front pamel finish of the main unit, without bolts on the corners, and it is equipped with new rear metal fairleads. We also have improved thermal coupling between IGBTs and the heatsinks.

Lysios is equipped with selected IGBTs manufactured by IXYS and it is a dual mono product.

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Why people trust Audiozen

  • My new Audiozen Alchemy is a world class integrated amp and I can tell that in the first 2 days of having it. Outstanding by every measure! - Todd from USA
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