Mantra 2.2 – MM Field Effect Phono Stage

Mantra 2.2 is the updated version of Mantra, the first MM phono stage presented by Audiozen in 2009: the upgrades essentially concern the shape that has been  reduced to make the placement more easily within the system; the separate power supply unit (PSU) has the same dimensions of the main unit; the PSU is enriched with an handy knob on the front aluminum panel for switching on/off the appliance.

Mantra 2.2 has several key features that made it a top class product, regardless of its price range:
two solid state preamplification stages (one per channel) to obtain a Dual Mono layout,  equipped with selected FETs (field effect transistors) polarized in class A without feedback.
The choice of the FET is not accidental, as it is the solid state component that comes closest to the superior characteristics of the tubes, both for its high input impedance and for the “warmer” harmonics generated by it.
The FETs are also “matched”, they are selected in pairs to have identical electrical characteristics for left and right channel.
The ouput FET buffer stage decrease the impedance to better transfer the audio signal to the next stage.
Mantra 2.2 is equipped with Mundorf polypropylene capacitors in series with the audio signal.

MM field effect phono preamplifier
6 x FET (Field effect transistor)
MM input impedance
47 KΩ
output impedance
< 400 Ω
MM stage gain
available finishes
silver & black
main unit dimensions
135 x 55 x 185mm (WxHxD)
main unit weight
0,9 kg
PSU dimensions
135 x 55 x 185mm (WxHxD)
PSU weight
1,3 Kg

The excellent RIAA stage, designed according to the parameters of the Audio Engineering Society, is the result of calculations and consequent laboratory tests and exceeds the specifications on all frequencies.
The power supply stage adopts a low noise toroidal transformer for audio use, the rectification and stabilization circuits are oversized to drastically reduce ripple and make the Mantra 2.2 a very silent pre phono.
Internal wiring is made with pure copper cables.
The Mantra 2.2 has a gain of 40 dB and it is suitable for MM cartridges with a required load of 47 KOhms.

The Mantra 2.2 has a clean, warm, enveloping, powerful, defined sound, which can be listened to for hours without listening effort, with new discoveries of details hidden in the record. An energetic pre phono, with realistic dynamic contrasts and a nice sense of rhythm, natural, with delicate and transparent timbres and a well balanced frequency range, with deep and material bass.
The Mantra 2.2 has an excellent image, well extended even in depth, a mature device that best expresses the potential of the solid state.