Alchemy – Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

Audiozen Alchemy is an integrated amplifier projected without any compromise, every detail has been chosen to obtain the best performance ever, both over time and during listening.

Alchemy is a unique product in its price range, it includes features that are not found in other products, certainly not all together.

Since 2015, Alchemy has become the definitive integrated amplifier for many audiophiles and audio enthusiasts all over the world; in 2018 Alchemy has been upgraded to improve the already excellent sonic performance.

Alchemy is an integrated hybrid amplifier: the preamplifier section is equipped with a pair of matched NOS tubes, to have identical electrical characteristics on the two channels; the power section adopts two pairs of excellent Toshiba high current transistors.

The preamp section is completed with fine Mundorf polypropylene capacitors in series with the audio signal, and with a motorized ALPS potentiometer for volume control.
Alchemy is supplied with a remote control for volume management: the remote has more functions easily programmable by the user.

Audiozen considers that the power supply of an electronic device has a great importance for a better music reproduction, that’s why Alchemy is provided with a separate power supply unit that contains three oversized toroidal transformers for audio use.

hybrid integrated amplifier
output power @ 8 Ω - 4 Ω
90 - 170 W per channel
NOS tubes
2 x ECC88 (or equivalent)
frequency response
5 - 100.000 Hz +/- 3dB
input impedance
100 KΩ
signal-to-noise ratio
Unbalanced inputs
available finishes
silver & black
main unit dimensions
340 x 135 x 295mm (WxHxD)
main unit weight
4,8 kg
PSU dimensions
340 x 95 x 245mm (WxHxD)
PSU weight
7,9 Kg

On the Alchemy aluminum front panel the “power” knob allows in the “stand-by” position to keep the tubes stage on to keep them warm, and turning it to “on” the professional relay, located inside the separate power supply stage, switch on the power stage.

On the Alchemy rear panel there are the four unbalanced inputs for as many sources, the two power connectors for the pre and the power section, and the rhodium-plated binding posts, for connecting the amp to the loudspeakers, which accept banana plugs, spades lugs or stripped cable indifferently.

The power stage is capable of delivering up to 90 (undistorted) Watts per channel @ 8 Ω (and about 170 Watts @ 4 Ω), due also to the 300 VA toroidal power transformer and to the powerful and refined power transistors manufactured by Toshiba.

In 2018, with the latest update, volume management was also improved, which acquired an excellent gradual progression.

Alchemy’ sonic performances are comparable to pre/power systems of quite different cost, with a “punch” and transparency that cannot be found in integrated amplifiers of equal cost. The content of the connected source is played in an extremely faithful way, with great space between musical instruments, a wide sound scene, and without any emphasis on all frequencies.

The rich content of Alchemy, together with Audiozen’ continuous efforts to achieve the best sonic performance, make Alchemy one of the best and most reliable integrated amplifiers on the market in its price range and beyond.