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Why Audiozen?

The magic behind every outstanding performance is always found in the smallest of details - Gary Ryan
  • Handcrafted in Italy

    Handcrafted in Italy

    Audiozen products are proudly handcrafted in Italy to the highest quality standards

  • High reliability

    High reliability

    Audiozen Hi-Fi products have 3 years warranty

  • Separate PSU on all models

    Separate PSU on all models

    Audiozen products are equipped with a separate Power Supply Unit, to ensure the best signal-to-noise ratio and excellent sonic performances

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  • NOS tubes

    NOS tubes

    We use only NOS (New Old Stock) tubes. These tubes, manufactured from the sixties to the seventies, are never used and their characteristics are far superior if compared with modern tubes

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  • Si-C Mosfets on Mono

    Si-C Mosfets on Mono

    Audiozen Mono is the first power amplifier in the world equipped with new silicon carbide (Si-C) mosfets

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  • Excellent connectors

    Excellent connectors

    All our products are equipped with fine binding posts and excellent RCA connectors


It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill - Wilbur Wright

Audiozen is real manufacturing

Every assembly step of our Hi-Fi products is taken in the better way to make them yours

Why people trust Audiozen

  • My new Audiozen Alchemy is a world class integrated amp and I can tell that in the first 2 days of having it. Outstanding by every measure! - Todd from USA
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Because Audiozen

We work for the best performances. Worldwide.

  • Audio & Art Show, Taiwan

    Audio & Art Show, Taiwan

    November 2017 - Audiozen Lysios at the Taiwan Audio & Art Show
  • Hi-Fi Show in Taipei, Taiwan

    Hi-Fi Show in Taipei, Taiwan

    August 2017 - Audiozen Alchemy at the Hi-Fi Show in Taipei, Taiwan
  • Hi-End Audio Show, Kaohsiung

    Hi-End Audio Show, Kaohsiung

    April 2017 - Audiozen Alchemy at the Kaohsiung International Hi-End Audio Show, Taiwan
  • Scalford Hi-Fi Show, England

    Scalford Hi-Fi Show, England

    March 2017 - Audiozen Alchemy at The Scalford HiFi Show, England
  • Lysios in Russia

    Lysios in Russia

    December 2016 - The first Audiozen Lysios arrived in Moscow, Russia
  • Apulia Hi-Fi Show

    Apulia Hi-Fi Show

    December 2017 - Audiozen Zen Range at the Apulia Hi-Fi Show, Italy
  • Audiozen new logo

    Audiozen new logo

    September 2017 - A new logo for Audiozen
  • Alchemy & B&W 803

    Alchemy & B&W 803

    December 2015 - Audiozen Alchemy driving B&W 803 loudspeakers, Italy

The Audiozen legacy

Some of our valuable suppliers

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Who we are?

Audiozen was born from the Passion in the research of the deepest enjoyment in music reproduction: it is a path that lasts for years in which the Company has steadily improved its products.


Meet the Audiozen team

A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other

Antonino Pistone
Antonino Pistone
Founder and business owner
Cecilia Raciti
Cecilia Raciti
Chief accountant
Iris Pagano
Iris Pagano
Sales executive

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