The first power amp equipped with new Silicon Carbide (Si-C) Mosfets
Dual mono preamplifier with NOS tubes and ICCF stage
Dual mono stereo power amplifier - Si-C Mosfets inside
Hybrid integrated amplifier - NOS tubes & high current transistors
New MC/MM NOS tube phono stage
New MM solid state phono stage
AC balanced crossover

Massimo by Audiozen turntable

Massimo is the direct drive turntable projected by Audiozen from another point of view: dedicate an act of love to vinyl record


Let your ears be your guide

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Since 2008 Audiozen designs and manufactures instruments for the best listening enjoyment to the musical event. Audiozen products are proudly made in Italy.

For Audiozen the sound event must be performed as realistic as possible: an objective vision of the approach to high fidelity, where passion and innovation have their meeting point.

April 2020 – Audiozen Neuphono & Mantra 2.2
Audiozen renews the range of phono stages with a new nice pair.
December 2019 - Audiozen Golia 1000
Audiozen Golia 1000 is the first AC balanced crossover manufactured in Italy.
Golia 1000
May 2019 - Audiozen Lysios adopts Si-C Mosfet
Audiozen Lisyos adopts new Silicon Carbide (Si-C) Mosfets like Mono.

High Reliability

Audiozen products are proudly handcrafted in Italy to the highest quality standards.  Audiozen Hi-Fi products have 3 years warranty.

Separate PSU


Audiozen products (except Mono) are equipped with a separate Power Supply Unit, to ensure the best signal-to-noise ratio and excellent sonic performances

Nos Tubes

We use only NOS (New Old Stock) tubes.
These tubes, manufactured from the sixties to the seventies, are never used and their characteristics are far superior if compared with modern tubes.

Pure Enjoyment

We work for your total satisfaction, Every assembly step of our Hi-Fi products is taken in the better way to make them yours.

Audiozen main features

The team behind the scenes at Audiozen possesses the desire to achieve the finest quality standards.

Audiozen is real manufacturing

Every assembly step of our Hi-Fi products is taken in the better way to make them yours

Audiozen is already well known for offering Hi-Fi products designed and made in Italy at an excellent value for money. Since 2008 our path has been marked by innovative choices, constant “know-how” and great passion, and all of this is tangible in all our creations: choose Audiozen and your ears will realize it, surely.

Antonino Pistone

Founder & business owner

Why people trust Audiozen

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Audiozen - Let your ears be your guide